The 2015 Asia-Pacific Peace Research Association conference was held in Kathmandu, Nepal bringing together research, academics, activists, and practitioners from 45 countries with the interests of sharing scholarship, programs, and practices to enhance efforts in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. With remarks from the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction of Nepal, the Honorable Narahari Acharya, the Co-Secretary General of the International Peace Research Association, Dr. Ibrahim Shaw, former Chief of Army Staff, Gaurav SJB Rana, and other noted members of the international community, the three day event offered perspectives ranging across the complex landscape of peace efforts.

Speakers presented on a range of topics including peace policy, governance, histories of cultural peace, Asia-Pacific regional conflicts, religion and spirituality, non-violent action, natural disaster and recovery, migration, human security, the ecology of peace, peace theory, climate change, resource management, gender issues, ethic conflicts, the arts, media and technology. This wide breath of topics aptly represented the complexity, sensitivity, and influences facing both regional and international efforts towards sustainable development, human rights, and a global humanity.

The Co-Secretary Generals Dr. Pradeep Dhakal and Dr. Janjira Sombatpoonsiri each remarked on the opportunity the conference brings not only for the exchange of ideas and knowledge, but as a step-stone to regional cooperation and collaboration for the future efforts of peace research to assist in addressing the concerns facing the global community in the 21st. century. The 2015 APPRA conference organizers and conveners wish to thank the distinguished speakers, guests, and panelists for bringing their contributions to peace research to Kathmandu and creating new opportunities for collaborations in research, policy, and practice throughout the region.

APPRA Conference 2015 Group Photo