Recent development which occurred during the last two decades in the Asia Pacific region, there were some meticulous challenges towards the existing progressive peace where it is achievable only by having consistent assessment and efforts to prevent conflict. Culture of Peace as conceptually consists of “Values, attitudes and behaviors that reject violence and prevent conflict by tackling their root causes to solve problems through dialogue and negotiation among individuals, groups and nations” must be endorsed in everyday to achieve peace. Given the fact that each country in Asia Pacific has its own priority in overcoming such challenges, there is a need of a comprehensive analyses, formula and design that can be useful tools to address such challenges by empowering culture of peace, formulating fast tract designs to achieve sustainable development goals and defending democracy.

Therefore, we invite papers and presentations based on research, observations, experiences and ideas from individuals and groups who have implemented programs and conducted activities in their countries and communities to empower culture of peace, sustainable development, and defending democracy in Asia Pacific Region in the forthcoming Asia Pacific Peace Research Association’s conference 2019