October 16, 2015
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APPRA Conference 2015: a grand success!

The 2015 Asia-Pacific Peace Research Association conference was held in Kathmandu, Nepal bringing together research, academics, activists, and practitioners from 45 countries with the interests of sharing scholarship, programs, and practices to enhance efforts in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. With remarks from the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction of Nepal, the Honorable Narahari Acharya, the Co-Secretary General of the International Peace Research Association, Dr. Ibrahim Shaw, former Chief of Army Staff, Gaurav SJB Rana, and other noted members of the international community, the three day event offered perspectives ranging across the complex landscape of peace efforts.

Speakers presented on a range of topics including peace policy, governance, histories of cultural peace, Asia-Pacific regional conflicts, religion and spirituality, non-violent action, natural disaster and recovery, migration, human security, the ecology of peace, peace theory, climate change, resource management, gender issues, ethic conflicts, the arts, media and technology. This wide breath of topics aptly represented the complexity, sensitivity, and influences facing both regional and international efforts towards sustainable development, human rights, and a global humanity.

The Co-Secretary Generals Dr. Pradeep Dhakal and Dr. Janjira Sombatpoonsiri each remarked on the opportunity the conference brings not only for the exchange of ideas and knowledge, but as a step-stone to regional cooperation and collaboration for the future efforts of peace research to assist in addressing the concerns facing the global community in the 21st. century. The 2015 APPRA conference organizers and conveners wish to thank the distinguished speakers, guests, and panelists for bringing their contributions to peace research to Kathmandu and creating new opportunities for collaborations in research, policy, and practice throughout the region.

APPRA Conference 2015 Group Photo

June 9, 2015
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Registrations for the APPRA Conference 2015 are now open.
Please visit the the following link for more details.


June 3, 2015
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Travel and Accommodation for APPRA Conference 2015


It is our pleasure to inform you that AFA Travels has been appointed as a Travel Concierge of Chetanalaya, Institute for Humanity, Peace and Spirituality and appointed as an Official Travel Partner for the logistics management of the APPRA Conference 2015 to be held in Nepal in October 2015. We are looking forward to welcome the delegates to the conference and assist them with their travel and stay.

– See more at: http://appra.net/appra-conference-2015/travel-and-accommodation-for-appra-conference-2015/

May 21, 2015
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Nepal Calling!

Dear Friends,

Opportunity usually knocks on the door, sometimes it rocks the earth!

Nepal has been hit by a series of earthquakes and aftershocks. But what remains unshakable is the spirit of the people of Nepal that rises like a Phoenix. Moving on from panic and grief, the nation is now engaged in reconstruction.

Nepal is ready to welcome its guests, delegates and dignitaries at the APPRA Conference 2015: ‘Pathways towards Just Peace, Reinventing security, justice and democracy in Asia-Pacific’. This is the opportunity for all the peace minds to come together for Nepal, pledge their solidarity to the rebuilding of a nation, and participate with their ideas towards revoking peace and harmony in this beautiful country.

The dates remain unchanged, 9-11 October 2015. However, we are exploring a new venue outside damaged Kathmandu, which we will inform all of you as soon as possible. Since the country has diverted all its resources to reconstruction, it will be challenging for us to provide grants for most applicants. We hope you kindly understand our situation, and will still make it to join us in this conference.

Hope to see you there!

Warm Regards from Secretary Generals:

Dr. Janjira Sombatpoonsiri
Dr. Pradeep Dhakal

March 1, 2015
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Invitation to Submit Proposals for book publication on Peace-building and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

 International Peace Research Association

Invitation to Submit Proposals for book publication on

Peace-building and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.


Dear Colleagues,

The International Peace Research Association (IPRA) through its Commission for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is publishing a book from Springer Press as part of the Springer Briefs on Environment, Security, Development and Peace under the series editorship of Prof. Hans Günter Brauch of the Faculty of Political Science at the Free University of Berlin. The book will be published in print and online formats. The working title of the book is:  Peace-building and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: Experiences and Strategies for the 21st Century.

Editors for the book are the coordinators of the IPRA Commission for the Rights of Indigenous People who are located at the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Sydney in Australia and the Aotearoa New Zealand, National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Otago, Dunedin, in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We invite proposals for chapters, each of a maximum of 5000 words (including references and supplementary material), for a book on the theme of Peace-building and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: Experiences and Strategies for the 21st Century. This publication will contribute towards the growing body of literature informing and promoting the rights of Indigenous Peoples as set out in the U.N Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

We look forward to receiving your chapter proposals for consideration in this volume. All chapters will be peer-reviewed and authors are obliged to conform to the publishing guidelines and format requirements of Springer Press, which will be provided once chapter proposals have been accepted.

We have summarized four main sections relevant to the theme. We invite proposals for chapters that address one or more of these themes. Analyses of contemporary and historical cases are welcomed. Chapters are to be written in English language. Indigenous Peoples’ modes of discourse and communication outside standard Western academic frameworks are invited for consideration.

Section I will focus on critically exploring the engagement of central issues of Indigenous Peoples Rights (such as struggles for land, human, cultural, civil, legal and constitutional rights) with key approaches in peacebuilding (such as non-violence, non-violent strategic action in challenges to structural violence, sustainability, gender equality, cultures of peace, environmental protection).

Section II will examine cases where the causes of Indigenous Peoples Rights have been inspired and led by Indigenous leaders and movements using peace and non-violent strategies, including distinctive cultural approaches.

Section III will present case studies that analyse the successes and failures of peace perspectives in respect to contributions, developments, advancement and barriers to the implementation of the rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Section IV will investigate concepts and practices related to the 21st Century achievement of Universal Indigenous Peoples Rights within the context of sustainable peace.

We cordially invite you to provide an expression of interest to contribute towards this collective volume by April 7th 2015.  Please provide a title, abstract (400 words) summarizing your chapter and demonstrating how it addresses the themes, your full name, qualifications, institutional affiliation and tribal affiliation (if applicable). We will advise you by the end of April.

Upon confirmation by the co-editors, completed chapters would be due by September 20th 2015).   We plan to publish this book in mid-year2016 on the occasion of the 26th General Conference of the International Peace Research Association).   Authors will receive one free copy and discount purchases of the book, but unfortunately no royalties can be provided.

We welcome inquiries and look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely,

Dr. John Synott (Adjunct Professor, Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Sydney). Email: john.synott@gmail.com

Dr. Heather Devere, (Director of Practice, National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Otago). Email: heather.devere@otago.ac.nz

Ms. Kelli Te Maihāroa, (Lecturer, College of Education, University of Otago). Email: Kelli.temaiharoa@otago.ac.nz


Chapter Proposals should be submitted as a Word attachment via email to:

Ms. Kelli Te Maihāroa

College of Education

University of Otago

PO Box 56, Dunedin 9054

Aotearoa New Zealand



* The logo of the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, Aotearoa New Zealand, designed by Tane Hirawanu Tapu Solomon, depicts the torua or royal albatross, a symbol of respect and peace for Moriori and Māori people.

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